Code USD(Bid) INR(Bid) USD(Ask) INR(Ask)
USD 68.9675 68.9775
EUR 1.13495 78.2747 1.135 78.2895
GBP 1.32667 91.4971 1.32719 91.5462
JPY 111.397 61.9059 111.407 61.9204
CHF 0.99905 68.9944 0.99961 69.0431
SGD 1.35113 51.0345 1.35139 51.0517
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USD/INR closed at 68.9675 against its opening at 68.54. USD/INR ends up on expectation demand for dollar may shoot up after local news wire reported that government prefers using FX swaps to infuse liquidity. Banks were buying dollar on talks the government wants more FX swaps rather than OMOs, which increased the dollar demand in the spot market. The greenback remained subdued against it major pairs ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee's monetary policy outcome due later this week, where investors expect the Fed statement to be dovish with policymakers reiterating its patient stance towards any rate action.The dollar index, the movement of the greenback against a basket of six major currencies, traded at 96.41 Tuesday compared to 96.38 at close of Indian market on Monday. Federal Open Market Committee's two day monetary policy meet is scheduled to commence later today with its outcome due on Wednesday.......
Saudi Arabia said on Sunday OPEC’s job in rebalancing the oil market was far from done as global inventories were still rising despite harsh U.S. sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, signalling it may need to expand output cuts into the second half of 2019.Russia, which is cutting oil output in tandem with OPEC, also said production cuts would stay in place at least until June, when Washington’s next steps on reducing Iran’s and Venezuela’s oil exports become clearer.The United States has been increasing its own oil exports steeply in recent months while imposing sanctions on Venezuela and Iran to reduce their shipments to global markets.Washington’s policies have introduced a new level of uncertainty for OPEC as it struggles to predict the balance of global supply and demand.OPEC and its allies have cut output by 1.2 million barrels per day - or 1.2 percent of global demand - since January to help rebalance the global oil market and prop up prices.......


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IST Currency Event
20 - Mar - 2019
14:00 GBP Retail Price Index (MoM)
14:00 GBP Retail Price Index (YoY)
15:00 GBP Consumer Price Index (MoM)
15:00 GBP Consumer Price Index (YoY)
15:00 GBP Core Consumer Price Index (YoY)
  • 21 Mar 2019 - Holi
  • 01 Apr 2019 - Bank Holiday
  • 06 Apr 2019 - Gudi Padwa
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  • Aluminum : 1879 US$/tonBSE : 38363.47
  • Aluminum Alloy : 1450 US$/tonNSE : 11532.40
  • Copper : 6492 US$/tonNIKKEI : 21566.85
  • CRUDE OIL : 67.68 US$/bblHANGSENG : 29466.28
  • Gold : 1302.7 US$/ozUS Dollar Index : 96.42
  • SILVER : 15.34 US$/ozNASDAQ : 7723.95
  • TIN : 21160 US$/tonDJIA : 25887.38
  • ZINC : 2840 US$/tonDAX Index : 11657.06
  • NICKEL : 12810 US$/ton
  • Aluminum IE07 : 155.35 INR/Kg