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USD 73.7900 73.8000
EUR 1.2119 89.4261 1.21219 89.4596
GBP 1.3437 99.1516 1.3442 99.2020
JPY 104.151 70.8300 104.179 70.8587
CHF 0.89143 82.7279 0.89196 82.7883
SGD 1.334 55.2527 1.3355 55.3223
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The Rupee closed unchanged as the greenback weakened to its lowest level in over two years globally in overnight trade due to rising prospects of the much-needed fiscal stimulus in the US and optimism about COVID-19 vaccines. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) kept key interest rates steady as widely expected on Friday amid persistently high inflation, and after a better-than-expected reading on economic growth.The monetary policy committee also decided to retain an accommodative policy stance at least for the current financial year and into the next year to revive growth on a durable basis, Governor Shaktikanta Das said in an online briefing.The key lending rate of the RBI or the repo rate was left unchanged at 4% while the reverse repo rate or the key borrowing rate stayed at 3.35%.The RBI's comments on liquidity management will be crucial as excess rupee liquidity in the system has led to a collapse in money market rates, below the policy corridor of the central bank.The prolonged tussle between the Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress over specifics of the relief plan has amplified the risk of recession in the country amid surge in new coronavirus infections and deaths.However, the lawmakers in the Congress on Thursday expressed their support for a bipartisan $908-bln coronavirus relief package plan.......
The US dollar was down against a basket of major currencies in overnight trade but was steady early today.Expectations of a stimulus deal and continued optimism over COVID-19 vaccines weighed on the greenback.The yield on the benchmark US Treasury note settled lower on Thursday, despite better-than-expected jobless claims data, as investors focussed on COVID-19 stimulus package negotiations.Negotiations gained momentum in the Congress on Thursday, with Republicans striking a more upbeat tone during talks as they pushed for a slim $500-bln measure that previously was rejected by Democrats. The Wall Street Journal said that Pfizer Inc expects to ship half the COVID-19 vaccines than it originally planned for this year due to supply chain issues. The report said that Pfizer had originally planned to ship 100 mln doses this year, but some early batches of raw materials needed for the vaccine failed to meet standards.......


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  • Gold : 1841 US$/ozNIKKEI : 26730.00
  • SILVER : 24.38 US$/ozHANGSENG : 26696.00
  • CRUDE OIL : 49.61 US$/bblDAX Index : 13252.00
  • Copper : 7679 US$/tonFTSE 100 : 6490.00
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