Currency Futures

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Currency markets are the most liquid product around the world and trades across time zones. While it was not allowed before, traders ( both individuals and companies), can now trade currencies against margins. While individuals trade, companies can use it as a parallel plaform to hedge their risk. The Features of currency futures are:
  • → High Liquidity
  • → Simple and easy to understand
  • → Standardized trading platform with Online/Offline modes
  • → Less volatile market as compared to other trading products
  • → Low Margin with High Leverage
  • → Currency follows close correlations with Equities, Commodities
  • → Currency Options are also available in USD/INR
  • → Spread Trading - Inter Currency and Intra Currency Spread
  • → Huge trading limits for Retail, corporate and Institutional clients
  • → Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives are effective risk management tools