This portal has been designed to provide on-line foreign exchange quotes and information for individuals, exporters, importers and corporates who have forex exposure and would like to hedge their risk against highly volatile currency markets. The quotes are inter-bank quotations in the respective currencies but with innumerable banks participating in market activities, they (the quotes) might differ from any individual or banks point of view. It is also to be understood that owing to highly fluid markets, the quotes may change by the time they are uploaded and under the circumstances, the company does not accept any responsibility for any loss nor is it the responsibility of the company ( SCD Financial Services) to prove the origin or the basis of the quotes appearing on its portal (www.eforexindia.com).

Real-Time Quotes are defined as an average rate arrived at from different quotes within a time span of fifteen minutes, but this time lag can vary due to any of the reasons mentioned below.

Though the aim of this portal is to provide real time quotes in currencies and their forwards and other indicators, it may be hampered by faulty telephone connections, interrupted internet connections, server breakdowns, networking problems, strikes, lockouts, natural calamities etc that are beyond the control of the organisation. Under the aforementioned circumstances, the company shall not prompt its users of any un-natural delays and reserves the right to switch off its portal (www.eforexindia.com) to avoid contingent hazards.

The views and advises expressed in the portal are solely its own and does not reflect market sentiments nor any individual or organizational view points and the meanings of any word, phrases, sentences or articles shall be interpreted the way the company meant it to be and thus cannot be held responsible for any action arising out of the same and any matching of views on currency and other forecasts are purely coincidental.

The forex news section is being updated from news received from various sources but the company shall not be responsible for any un-authenticated items nor could be held liable for any damages arising out of any such action.

It should be understood that benefits passed on to a customer (in terms of rates) by its bank is arrived at by loading a margin on the inter-bank rates and such margin differs among different merchants due to turnover, frequency, amount, currency and agreement with the banks and thus cannot be quantified in absolute terms. It is therefore to be understood that the quotes being uploaded on this portal are inter-bank rates and not transact-able rates for merchants.

Although adequate care has been taken in compiling and uploading the data, we assume no responsibility for action taken based on any such advise, information, opinion or representation.