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Usage : Completely Automated Rate Card System which works on Algorithm Based Margins from different Money Changers and is fully responsive and reactive to Demand & Supply and Seasonal flows, it is powered by Live and Real-time Inter Bank Rates from Eforex India Contributory FX Quotes. FFMCs can use this to formulate their Card Rates and track the Markets through the day as it changes continuously based on business transactions while travelers can use it to negotiate the best rate from Money Changers.

Disclaimer : We are not a FFMC and these rates are indicative only to enable users to see the best bid/ offer of any of the products at a given point of time and to negotiate effectively either as a Traveller/client with a FFMC or between Money Changing Companies.

Role of the money changer is to provide quotes for the transactions posted by the customers on will not be involved in any financial handling.

The user hereby agrees not to raise any claim or dispute against and its directors, officers, employees or agents against any breach of law which is done by user or money changers which is beyond the control of No legal right is there to any member or user of to raise dispute against shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the Terms at any time.