→ SEO Program

The following services will be provided as part of the SEO program:

• The Provider will assign an expert project manager to oversee the program and serve as a single point for program communication. The provider project team may also consist of additional SEO specialists, web designers, content providers, and other staff members who will contribute as the program requirements dictate.

• Develop the code in the appropriate language (i.e. HTML, .NET, Java) for a properly functioning web site and its attributes to display and operate on common user devices (Windows, Apple, Android).

• Project work will generally take place at the provider facilities, however the Provider project manager will coordinate regular on-site visits on client premises for meetings, evaluations, observations, reviews, testing, and other project purposes as needed.

All program work will be in accordance with accepted best practices for SEO and web development.

→ Deliverables

The Provider will deliver the following items during or at the conclusion of the software development project:

1. Comprehensive SEO plan with timeline

2. Web Concept descriptions and mock ups

3. Fully functional and professional web site.

4. All related ancillary files used to execute the web site.

5. Monthly reviews of SEO results and associated web site modifications/updates

6. Final review and completion/hand-off.

→SEO Objectives

• Increase organic website traffic and keyword rankings

• Create new customer base

• Increase brand awareness

→ Unique Selling Points

• SEO best practices utilized

• Content-driven SEO

• SEO techniques utilizing blog posts, microsites and more

• Performance visibility

• Digital reporting dashboard that tracks campaign performance

→ SEO Deliverables

All SEO campaigns include baseline metrics and custom keyword strategy based on client goals.

The following techniques are examples of on-site and off-site techniques that may be used to achieve optimal SEO results

→On-site SEO Technique

• On-site optimization of metadata, installation of analytics and web tools

• Recommendations for on-site content optimization Off-site SEO Techniques

• Press releases distributed to relevant sources

• Microsites (and link building for those microsite)

• Directory submissions

• Social claiming of 100+ social media sites (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

• Social signals (using those claimed sites to generate interest/presence for the client)

• Niche blog posts

• Video SEO

• Article submissions

→ Reporting

• Keyword rankings

• Website traffic report

We will setup and manage PPC campaign in Google Adwords as well as Bing Ads if required. It contains the below activities

→ Reporting

• Keyword rankings

• Website traffic report

We will setup and manage PPC campaign in Google Adwords as well as Bing Ads if required. It contains the below activities

→ PPC Setup:

• Keyword Research

• Adgroups Setup

• Geo Location Setup

• Conversion Code Setup

• Ad Copy Development

• Bid & Ad Scheduling Setup

• Ad Extensions

• Landing Page Setup Consultation

• Implementation of Google Analytics Code

• Google Shopping Feed creation

• Remarketing Script setup

• Campaign for Desktop and Mobile

→ PPC Maintenance:

• Keywords Bid Management

• Adgroup & Campaign Management

• Adwords Ad Extensions Tweaks

• Landing Page Optimization

• Quality Score Improvement

• Negative Keywords management

• Unwanted clicks reduction

• Remarketing lists etc…

→ Results Tracking

• We will setup Google Analytics, Webmaster tool and Heatmaps on the website.

• We will monitor the website rankings every 30 days and will send you the same.

• We will send you Report Every15th for All SEO/SEM activities.

• AdWords will start showing from the day of start.

• All above dates as from the date of Advance Payments and PO