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Live Forwards

Eforex India quotes Live inter-bank Forwards for All Major Currencies , both against the US DOLLAR and the INDIAN RUPEES.


Forwards are the differential of interest rates between two currencies and is used for hedging exports, imports, receivables and payables. At no point does forwards indicate the direction a currency is expected to move or a reflection of demand and supply.


In India , forwards are quoted for the last working day of the month and in other currencies for 30, 60, 90 days and so forth. Eforex India quotes these inter-bank forwards live from banks in both formats as Month-End and Monthly which makes it easy for the user to hedge the foreign currency risk. This  platform is also unique wherein all currencies are quoted against the USD and then computed to  the Indian Rupee, thus making it easier for the user and saves him the complexity of the computation.


The Forward Calculator allows the user to calculate for broken dates within the month which has to be computed from the month-end and monthly format, thus making it easier to hedge for an odd date within the month. All that one has to do is choose the currency and the date for the hedge and the system computes and displays it on the screen.


Forwards are quotes for the USD/INR, EUR/USD, EUR/INR, GBP/USD, GBP/INR, USD/JPY, JPY/INR, USD/CHF & CHF/INR. All these currency pairs are quotes for 12 months/ 1 year on a month to month basis. The Long Term Forwards ( LTFX) is quotes for USD/INR for 5 years on a year-to year basis.


Eforex India is the only cloud treasury system to quote forwards in all formats live in India.