Privacy Policy

As a leading financial internet site, is committed to protecting the personal information that you submit to us. As a consequence, we guarantee never to deliberately disclose individually identifiable information about you to any outside source without your express consent.

In the process of operating, we collect personal information via order forms, feedback forms, on-line surveys, unsolicited e-mails and other modes of communications. We also gather general information about the site usage, including statistics for hits, unique visits, repeat visits and page views.

The total information we receive enables us to make improvements to the site for the benefit of all users and advertisers are never provided with individual preferences or contact information unless users grant permission beforehand.

Personal information tendered to is used for a number of reasons including 1) the fulfillment of orders, (2) the fulfillment of subscriptions, (3) registration for conferences, (4) delivery of customer requested e-mail services and (5) design and maintenance of’s custom portfolio services.

Where a custom portfolio services are concerned, the use of cookies may also be used to facilitate the login process. Please note that nothing in a cookie allows anyone to identify you individually.

It should be noted that while shall maintain utmost confidentiality, the client should desist from disclosing’s financial charges or offers that were extended to the client. User id and passwords are client specific and thus negates transferability or multi / joint using situations. If any of the above restrictions are infringed upon then it shall be construed as a breach of contract and would be open for litigation or display of permanent banning procedures.