→ Integrated Digital Solutions

Eforex brings you the idea of an integrated approach, where our digital teams will construct the entire portal (Two versions available), host it on Eforex Servers, and integrate it with the API (which can be subscribed as per choice)

In the product, you will get a completely integrated SSL website (API & Payment Gateway) with an Admin at the HO which can monitor for all the branches with multiple admins for branches with geo-tagging, making it interactive. We also understand that such products are complicated to maintain on the server and thus we would host and maintain the same on our servers (top of the line windows where Eforex is hosted), eliminating the need for managing them or having static IP address.

We have explained the product with the hosting solutions in a table format below for your understanding. The product develop portals with Real-time Rates and online transactions enabled through Payment Gateways, the difference lying in Geo-Locators and branch wise admin to enable location wise rates, specially Cash. We can also develop E-Wallets, Mobile Apps and Travel Money as per your requirement, but these have not been included within the scope of this contract. The entire aim of this offer is to develop API enabled Digital Portal, integrate and host them in the least possible time, without the need to explain to non-related software professionals of the intricacies of the same. The products mentioned have also been drawn in the most economical manner and optimizing on cross expenses like separate IPs and Bandwidth. APIs are to be availed separately as per your requirement and details have been furnished earlier and also available on the API section of our website www.eforexindia.com

→ Product Features


Complete Development of Website on the latest Windows 3- Tier Technology as per your specifications. Access Control Restriction with SSL (HTTP-S)

Designing and layout as per your choice

Meta Tags and onetime listing on search engines

Real-time updation of rates for currencies, Travel Cards and Remittance Instruments

Integration of API ( as subscribed ) into the website

Integration of 2 Payment Gateways ( one for each company mapped, each city to one company)**

Transactions enabled and forwarded to existing email IDs

HO Admin for controlling Margins for all Products ( In single admin, the same margin on products will show in all branches and in multiple it will have option for different margins for different branches, including branches of partner companies

Geo-Tagging of individual Branches ( this locates the client’s location and selects branch )

Multiple Company Branch Control System their own branch

Data-Base of transactions maintained on MS-SQL

Site Warranty (One Year)

Site Maintenance(From Second Year)

One-time Portal Development Commercials

Payment Gateway API Integration

→ Hosting Solution & Static IP


Static IP for API Authentication

Integration of API to Static IP in required format

Hosting of Website on Eforex India server inclusive of above, necessary bandwidth & cloud backup

Secured Hosting ( SSL)

Admin Margin Login Selector

Google Maps and Geo Locator

Note: This hosting solution eliminates your requirement of acquiring separate Static IP’s integrating them and maintenance of server to ensure API updates. It also eliminates the need for monitoring bandwith as they tend to change constantly for API linked products. For more details, mail us at support@eforexindia.com