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Corporate Office

  • 1605, Ambadeep Bldg, 14, Kastruba Gandhi Marg. New Delhi-110001 (India)
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  • +91 11 23352927 - 30

Payment Options:

  • All correspondence should be addressed to the Manager (Customer Support), Private Limited and must be sent directly to the above-mentioned address i.e 1605, Ambadeep Building, 14 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001.

  • Cheques should be sent in favour of Private Limited. Payments can be made online through NEFT/RTGS, details of which will be provided on the invoice.

  • Account will be activated only after the payment has been cleared. A written agreement along with KYC will be sent ,which needs to be signed by the authorized signatory & must be returned. Failure to which will result in termination of contract.