Crude Oil - LIVE Quotes & APIs



The leading source of energy, also known as “ black-gold”, it is one of the leading global commodity and source of power for transport and electricity without which the modern world would not be able to strive, not at least till viable alternate and economical energy source is established. Crude is an unrefined finite source of hydro-carbon deposits which is thereon refined for gasoline, petrochemicals for plastics, synthetic textiles, fertilizers, computers and cosmetics. It comes in exotic forms like West Texas Intermediate (WTI), Mars US ,Brent Crude, Natural Gas, Bonny Light, Louisiana Light, Mexican Basket,  Dubai Crude, OPEC Basket and Urals. 


The symbol of Crude is “ NMX “ and is quoted both in USD and the INR. Eforex India quotes Brent Crude. 


The majority of oil reserves is in the Middle-East followed by North America, Africa, Central and South America, Eurasia, Asia and Oceania and Europe. OPEC control 40% of the world’s crude which accounts for 3/4th of the oil reserves and exports 60% of the oil internationally. Most of the oil is transported through tankers through seaways and rest through inland pipelines and thus remains susceptible to wars and geo-political disturbances.  


Eforex India quotes prices of Brent Crude against the USD and this can be used for benchmarking and hedging purposes. We also give API of the prices of all Metals which can be integrated to your software for pricing and valuation. Exporters, importers and those in the petro-chemical value chain needs to manage their hedging by proper Risk management techniques and value it Marked to Market (MTM) hedged with oil futures on a daily basis to manage their portfolio.