Copper - LIVE Quotes & APIs



Copper has many useful qualities, one of them being that it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Thus, copper is often used as a conductor in the form of wires and pipes. Copper has also been used to print coins, and it is an essential antioxidant used by the human body.


The Symbol for Copper is “Cu” and is quoted against the USD and the INR.

Copper is the third most traded product after Steel and Aluminium the copper value can affect the economy of a country. Economic and technical factors affect the price of copper and is product by more than 30 countries, a reason why its supply chain may not be affected like some other metals. Copper is quoted both in spot and the Futures market and is extensively traded and hedged by those who have exposure to copper. 


Eforex India quotes prices of Copper as per the London Metal Exchange (LME) against the USD and can be used for benchmarking and hedging purposes. We also give API of the prices of all Metals which can be integrated to your software for pricing and valuation. Exporters, importers and traders needs to manage their hedging by proper Risk management techniques and value it Marked to Market (MTM) on a daily basis to manage their portfolio.