Forex Risk Management

  • The basic module aims to develop the corporate treasury and back-office personnel, where one needs the complete knowledge of the mathematics of rate computation, forward markets, early deliveries, payment gateways etc together with interpretation of news and their impact on FX markets. This needs to be paired with the underlying risk exposure and the consequent Marked to Markets and consequent maturities which affect the books of the corporate.
  • Derivatives and structured products (optional) required for debts like ECBs etc ad their consequent accounting impacts. This would include the regulatory framework governing implementation of such structures and an understanding of interest rates indices live Libor, MIFOR etc.
  • Advanced modules (optional) can include training on technical analysis (the art of forecasting through charts and modules) which helps in currency strategizing and trading.
The above modules can be customized as required for onsite training of a particular corporate

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