Understanding Money Laundering
1. In AUGUST 2022, when market price of NDTV share was Rs. 376, Adani bought NDTV's shares (from Reliance) @ Rs. 60 per share.
2. Adani also offered to buy NDTV's share from open market @ Rs. 294 per share
N.B:Two deals near same date at such extreme price and that too when market price was much higher than these two deal prices.
In Year 2009
3. NDTV's share were sold @ Rs. 216 Rs per share when market price was Rs. 130 per share. And same shares were bought by Adani in August 2022 at Rs. 60 per share.
Alternate Reading:
1. In 2009, 29% of NDTV was valued at Rs. 403 Crore (interest free loan that was later converted to equity and no representation to NDTV Board) but in August 2022 same stake was sold at Rs 111 Crore. On same date, 26% of NDTV's stake was valued at Rs. 492 crore.
Additional Information:
In the open offer of 26% stake, 10% will come from a Mauritius based fund who has already invested 98% of its investment (Rs.19K crores) in Adani companies only.
In July 2009 only, Nira Radia Tapes had reference of helping NDTV.
- In year 2007 (exact year to be confirmed), NDTV raised 350 million pounds sterling in step up coupon Bonds and NDTV did not provide any evidence of the source of these funds. Also, NDTV never paid back the Bonds and they were written-off.
In year 2007-2009, shares of $1 each of NDTV U.K. were sold at $ 140 each and within three months, were repurchased by NDTV at $ 12 each.
NDTV hired anchor (Abhisar Sharma) near the period when his wife was the Income Tax assessing officer of all NDTV group companies including it's Directors, including Mr. Roy. She also issued illegal refund of 1.47 Crore to NDTV in year 2005 and enjoyed a trip of Europe, fully sponsored by NDTV.
NDTV's total money laundering is termed to be at Rs. 5,500 crore.
In year 2009 (or 2007), Roys had sold their 29% shares in NDTV to RRPR @ Rs. 4 against the market price of 140 on BSE.
Roys bought back their shares of NDTV from a PE investor in year 2007. To fund this, RRPR was set up, who took loan of 501 Crore from India Bulls. Another loan of 375 crore was taken from ICICI Bank to fund this loan of 501 crore. ICICI loan of 375 was settled in 2009 in Rs. 350 crore only. No one knows that when Bank had shares of NDTV with higher value, why full loan amount was not recovered. This gives reasons to believe that ICICI bank was also involved in this Money Laundering (K V Kamath was the ICICI chairman during this time and he only resolved the Ambani brothers property issue). 
Loan on NDTV of INR 430 crore was purchased by Nahata in year 2012, at just Rs. 50 crore. And the same loan was purchased by Adani at Rs. 111 crore in 2022, that gave him the 29% control of NDTV.
People make a hue and cry when they read a news , nobody goes into the history...