" Look through your Lens"


Following my previous thread, which accounted for the importance of developing the technical structure upon which your digital marketing strategy rests on. This insight goes further into the design of the strategy itself. The design in this context refers to the key elements that create the end consumers' final interaction with your product or service, essentially the aspect that leaves an impression. However, before we get to the aspects that leave an impression, we must address the process that allows you to reach your audience in the first place.

            SEO or Search Engine Optimization is like the plinth of a building that remains underground but essentially bears the load of other developments above the ground such as, social media marketing, meta-tagging, and mining blockchain meta-tags. This is the application of smart media planning if done right, allows you to push your content in greater volume to consumers in your target range resulting in double-digit conversion ratios. To achieve this, a working relationship between SEO and Social Media marketing must be synthesized. However, those new to the functions of SEO often treat these two as separate identities which only maintain value if used in tandem.

         To better understand the dynamic between this partnership it is essential to understand how social media can influence SEO. Essentially, social media activities can boost your website’s organic traffic through search engines. This partnership not only makes your SEO activities effective but also lucrative. Social media and SEO might look different, but there’s no doubt that they can work together to synthesis a more homogenous outcome.

    Now once the relevance of social media working in tandem with SEO protocols settles, it is essential to not underestimate the humane element in your content strategy. The amalgamation of technical optimization for any website will not be enough to grow your business through social media alone, with the understanding of SEO and social media comes the ability to convey a compelling narrative that solidifies a unique mark on one's brand. A successful marketing strategy is only truly successful if it can sustain itself through various campaigns over time. Simply creating one-off media posts and presenting product details here and there is passe´. Instead, create a story, for that is what people tend to carry in their minds. 

        To achieve this, certain benchmarks can help you build a voice and construct an identifiable body of work unique to only you. For one, you must always deliver a narrative that is relatable to the consumer which in a clouded space with many familiar copies, will set you apart. Additionally, you must hope to evolve constantly as that builds an identifiable desire that is as valuable as any transaction since it builds an image that is different from the competition by selling who they are…opposed to what they sell.