Asian indices were off to a rocky start to begin the week as the number of COVID-19 cases surged past the 10-mln mark globally over the weekend, weakening the appetite for riskier assets as investors sought the shelter of haven assets.However, losses were limited as reports emerged that a Chinese pharmaceutical company along with a military research team has developed a vaccine for novel coronavirus, which has also received special military drug approval, with a validity of one year.Over the weekend, the death toll related to the virus pandemic surpassed the 500,000 mark, which led investors to doubt the economic recovery that was being touted earlier as countries across the world gradually eased lockdown measures.In the US, the number of coronavirus cases rose by 37,000 in a single day--the highest ever on Thursday, which compelled some states to reverse their plan to ease lockdown restrictions in order to prevent the spread.Cases have risen sharply in California, Texas and Florida, the three most populated states in the US. According to data by Johns Hopkins University, Texas reported 6,426 new cases on Thursday, and Florida reported over 8,900.A surge in COVID-19 cases turned investors risk averse, and led to the expectations that more states may look to reimpose restrictions which is likely to impede the pace of economic recovery across the globe.