The yield on the 10-year benchmark US Treasury note ended higher on Tuesday due to reports that US President Donald Trump's administration may announce more fiscal stimulus, and upbeat US retail sales data for May, which boosted risk appetite.On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported that the White House is preparing a $1-trln infrastructure spending plan in addition to the fiscal stimulus already approved by Congress, to push the economic recovery of the world's largest economy. The US Commerce Department said overall retail receipts rose 17.7% in May, after falling by a record 14.7% in April, as the country began easing restrictions imposed to contain COVID-19. On Tuesday, BBC reported that dexamethasone--a cheap and widely available steroid--was showing signs of success in treating patients with serious symptoms of the virus.In a testimony for the Senate Banking Committee, US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, on Tuesday, said that despite some upbeat US economic data, uncertainty surrounding the timing of recovery remains.Powell said until the coronavirus disease is contained, a full economic recovery is unlikely. He also suggested that Congress may need to provide more fiscal stimulus for the US.